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We've rebranded!

COVID-19 Tutoring began as a response to the pandemic-induced transition to the online learning environment. Throughout the process of starting up this service, however, it became clear to us that many of the challenges in educational access that COVID-19 had brought to the forefront were present long before the pandemic had ever begun, a product of the very much systemic inequalities that exist in our country's educational system. Although we recognize that we can only be a small part of the solution, we believe that this service that we are providing is something that needs to extend beyond the reach of this current pandemic.

Enter The Every Child Project. TECP is a UMD student organization, founded by us, that aims to do everything that COVID-19 tutoring does—free, accessible online tutoring for those who need it—but more sustainably. Through TECP, we plan to build a community of engaged tutors and tutees and hold ourselves to a higher standard for tutoring, all while expanding our service to more families in need. 

We invite you to join us in our mission, whether as a tutee or a tutor or potential community partner. Please consider visiting our website at to learn more about us. 

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At this time, we will no longer be monitoring the COVID-19 Tutoring email inbox. If you would like to contact us directly with questions/concerns, please email Thank you!

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